Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Hand Cream in Blueberry

Hi guys! This would be my 2nd review post, still trying to figure out how to use Blogger to post pictures in a productive way. Felt kind of dumb when I can't even think if a way to do such a simple task, but it's really a big feat for me as I've never been successful in submitting a 'picture-post' all alligned properly. Back to topic. This is perhaps...the first The Face Shop item which I'be bought few weeks back at Causeway Point outlet. I was always in either The Face Shop or The Body Shop during my break, deciding on which hand cream should I go for. (Even the SA referred me as "Hey! She came again!")What i noticed about the hand creams of The Face Shop is that, these, lil' blueberry ones are always running out fast within a day or two and restocking would take more than 2 weeks. In short, I can conclude that this one, is the hot-selling The Face Shop hand creams other than their lil' grapefruit, red apple, green apple, zetsy lemon(which smells like Mama Lemon Soap) and shea butter+almond oil. i fell in love the first time I chanced upon this after several visits to the outlet. I like the aroma and the texture of the cream. Once you screw open the cap, your nose would have already picking up the Blueberry Yoghurt+Vitagen in Grape aroma from the tiny bottle. Yeah, it is THAT fragrant. (Trust me!)
The texture ois quite soft and bit thinner than the typical The Body Shop's. A not-too-greasy, soft creame and a thin layer- this is what I'm looking for! I'm sure you don't want to have your hands coated with a thick layer of Shea Butter, otherwise known as Strawberry coated with thick layer of milk chocolate.

This is how the actual looks like; the cream is bit of a lighter purple. I admit that this is kind of pricey for a 30ml hand cream to be at SGD $9.90. It probablt lasts me for a month or two and I'm still on my first bottle! All you have to do is to whip a tip-finger-ful of the cream and apply a very thin layer on your hands and nails. Not as wateryas my Nivea Soft Creame, although this looks like one. A tip-finger-ful of this cream will keep your hands moisturised for up to 4 hours, in air-con rooms, and up to 6 hours, in non-air-con rooms; the Blueberry yoghurt aroma lingers around your fingers!

I'm going to keep this lil' blueberry bottle to store my other creams. I guess most people buy this product for one reason- the packaging is nice! The price of the cream might not be even reaching SGD$9.90-sometimes, I think that these items are heavily overpriced! Nevertheless, the hand cream is fantastic- never in Singapore or Hong Kong you'll be able to find similar products with the same quality though. I'll give a 3.5 out of 5 stars.
PS: I bring this out when I was at work, when I was tired, take a whiff and it'll perk me up and gives me the urge to buy yoghurt for lunch!

Perhaps, tell me more about the hand creams you are using?



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