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Food for Thought: Fish and Co's After School Specials!

 Hi all!  I tried out my first Fish&Co dining at a food tasting event earlier - and was glad that the management did take in our feedbacks that we gave earlier and 'generate' a new student menu!
I attended another food tasting event with my other blogger friends at their GlassHouse outlet at Dhoby Ghaut. The atmosphere there was really pleasant, especially when there's a live band playing during the night while diners have their dinner.

 Here's how the new, revised menu looks like~
For $8 nett onwards, you'll get your choice of Fish and Chips and a drink. There're 7 variants which you can choose from, excluding the good, old, original Fish and Chips!

There's even I-pad ordering! Looks like restaurants are going high-tech nowadays...

Here's our drinks. It's passionfruit if I'm not wrong! The one on the left belongs to my lovely Joey~

Our spread of Fish and Chips of different variants! Looks like a yummy feast right? :D
Here's an introduction to the new variants of Fish and Chips at Fish&Co:

 Danish Fish and Chips
This was stuffed with mozzarella cheese and other spices in this particular variant of the fish. However, it was really cheesy (I mean really!) and it tends to 'cheese' up overtime. Best to go with a cup of hot green tea~

 Italian Fish and Chips

As you can see, this dish was a fusion with the original fish and chips and Italian's pasta sauce.
It was rather bland, probably the sauce wasn't as thick as I've thought. The thick, juicy fish and the pasta sauce wasn't a very good hit off.

 Japanese Fish and Chips

In this dish, it's topped with bits of shredded seaweed and on top of the given lemon butter sauce, the dish provided another sauce, which is the Soba sauce. It would be great if the soba sauce's much thicker, to give the fish a strong taste of the soba sauce.

 Singapore Fish and Chips
In this dish, the fish is topped with homemade chilli crab sauce, which I find it kind of a fusion dish with a tinge of Singapore's homely taste in it. However, it was not really my liking. (I don't really take in chilli nowadays.)

 Swiss Fish and Chips

In this dish, the fish's similar to the the Danish variant, but stuffed with gruyere cheese.
It's quite managable at first, but kind of heading to the 'cheesy' side on the second bite.
Best to go well with a cup of hot green tea~

 New York Fish and Chips

When you've sliced the fish, you would have noticed that there's cheese stuffings in this variant, other than the other two which I've mentioned above. This was with parmesan cheese stuffing. However, it's kind of oily and the flavour eventually 'disappears' after the second bite.
It's definitely not my cup of tea!

Artic Fish and Chips
This was the one which I liked most. The fish's different- pollock fish!
I think that the fish's bit fresher in this dish as compared to the others. Dipping my slice of fish fillet into the awesome lemon butter sauce, it's amazingly great~

Credits: Joey
The Good, Old, Original Fish and Chips

If I were to recommend two Fish and Chips variants, it got to be Artic and the good, old Fish and Chips. Along with lemon butter sauce, it gives the best flavour of the fish, which I think that is really important when it comes to Fish and Chips. (I couldn't find the image from my camera><, thus crediting Joey for this picture!)

Desserts! These are not included in the set meals~

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake

It looks great, with hot chocolate flowing out of the cake upon slicing and the scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side, topped with a cherry. I wasn't really a fan of hot chocolates, you know!

 Key Lime Pie

It has a tinge of lime upon every bite. I guess it's topped with lime-flavoured whipped cream!
Best for tropical climates, like Singapore; cooling and refreshing after a shopping trip along Orchard Road in one humid afternoon~
Strawberry Daiquiri Colossal
This was an American kind of cheese cake which was full of Strawberry goodness. Or rather, puree. I was really fascinated with the marbling of the cheesecake and it's really 'frozen'. It tasted quite okay, but there are definitely cheese cakes that we can make a compare in the market.

  Credits: Joey
Chocolate Layer Mousse
There's many layers of chocolate cake with caramel mousse and studded chocolate chips by the side, this is certainly the first chocolate mousse cake which I've tried. It's semi-sweet, but I would prefer it to be much bitter than this!
After our meals, there's certainly a place to check out!
There's PlayStation®Vita handheld consoles at the very corner of the restaurant~
 Credits: Angie
This SONY kiosk permanently placed in 6
of our outlets - The Glass House, ION Orchard, Clementi Mall, Jurong Point,
Fish & Co. Express @ Downtown East and Fish & Co. Express @ University.
Thanks for reading! :D

Credits: Joey

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