Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry

I'm not kidding with you guys, it is POSSIBLE to achieve soft baby lips with Maybelline's Baby Lips Lipbalm. At the end of the review, I'll put the lipbalm to test:)
Let me tell you more about it. You can now say goodbye to basic lip balm and rediscover the lips you were born to have!
- Lips are instantly moisturised for up to 8 hours.- Contains active care ingredients, such as shea butter and centella.- Vitamin Complex delivering powerful anti-oxidants.- SPF 20 for protection against harmful UV rays.- After 4 weeks lips are deeply repaired, completely reborn. Guaranteed.
(This is taken from Maybelline's Aussie Website, credits goes to them!)

This was one of the recent products that Maybelline launched few months ago when I saw it on Maybelline's Facebook Page. It was like mission-impossible to get back my soft baby lips before then as I had dry and chapped lips. I mean, really dry until you can see flakes of skin starting to peel off from you lower lip, the condition still remains even though i applied my Lipice LipBalm. (I'm not trying to say that Lipice lipbalm is not good, just might that the lipbalm doesn't suit me>.<) I went to one of the SASA stores and bought the one in "Berry" to try it out, hoping that it does magic to my dry, chapped lips. There are actually 4 delicious flavours, namely in Berry, Cherry, Orange and Menthol.
The packaging was great and cute too! I liked the "children" CAPS handwritting for "Baby Lips" and there's a side one stating "Anti-oxidant Berry". Sweet^^ The lipbalm was quite a lot in a tube, I couldn't finish in two months. Mine was halfway through the tube when I started TWO MONTHS AGO. The aroma made me feel like I'm chewing on my blueberry Meiji Yoghurt, nom nom^^. I'm totally in love with it! Furthermore, it has a SPF 20 Protection against the sun rays. This makes it a all-rounder LipBalm.

Let's now put the LipBalm to test...
The above picture shows my pathetic chapped lips as you can see deep vertical lines on my lips. I took this morning, but this was definitely better than before and I didn't apply any Baby Lips the night before just for the test today.

This picture was taken after 8hours+, I think you guys did spot a great difference on my lips right?
Not much deep vertical lines on my lips, but there are some visible ones.

Maybelline Baby Lips really do save my dry-chapped lips. Furthermore, it is definitely a wallet-safe item to buy too, retailing at most SASA, Watsons and departmental stores at $5.90 and comes in 4 flavours: Cherry, Berry, Orange and Menthol. It really urges me to get the CHERRY Lip Balm, and that would be after I finish my Berry first.

PS: If you want to get soft, baby lips, better get your hands on one of Maybelline's Baby Lips LipBalm right now!



  1. Oh goodie!! It's actually sold in S'pore! lol it's available here in Australia too ^^

  2. Haha^^
    It was a 'new-launch' by Maybelline, I guess S'pore would be slightly cheaper??

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  4. WOW! This looks amazing!

  5. BoRNiiLOVE SPReeS: Ha, this lip balm of Maybelline's did some miracle to my own lips.
    Join my current giveaway if you haven't:)

  6. I use this too and I love it! It's the only lip balm that has ever worked great for my forever-dry lips!