Saturday, August 18, 2012

AWARDED: Liebster Award

Howdy all! I've been awarded the Liebster Award by lovely Vanessa few days back. Thank you for nominating me for the award! Didn't really expect it as it came quite sudden to me~
 Thank you Vanessa for nominating me :D

What is a Liebster Award ?

The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
The word Liebster comes from German and its definition is sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.


1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember no tag backs!

So... Here's 11 things about me^^

1. I'm kind of a random friend as known by my friends.
2. I love Hello Kitty, but not that much.
3. Lush Cosmetics are one of the brands which is one of my favourites in my list!
4. I'm a music student and a PT teacher in profession. The main instruments I play would be Piano and Erhu; Guitar and Ukulele would be my second instruments.
5. An avid fan of Westlife's hits, especially I Lay My Love on you and My Love.
6. A bookworm that coops at home/library to read music history-related books and novels from Stephen King and Jodi Picoult.
7. A complete soft when it comes to pets and the topics which interests me much.
8. Loves to DIY when I have the time- wired bookmarks, plaited name chains, scrapbooking, etc.
9. Loves to go window shopping, you know who to call along if you do not wish to spend much on that day xD
10. I wear framed spectacles all the time, it's a no-no to risk infections in my eyes for wearing contact lens.
11. Who values friendship, loyalty and expects punctuality all the time. A perfectionist that you would have known.

Now to answer Vanessa's 11 questions~

1. What is your ideal partner for life ?
Hmm, I haven't had an answer for this question yet. Still concentrating on my studies and my profession.

2. Where do you always shop for clothes ?

Both at stores and online. My favourite sites would be (A place to get nice blouses and dresses as well as other apparels) and Tracyeinny(A sg-based online store, I love their work dresses- perfect for school and work!). For stores, I'd always like to pop by Sixties at CityLink Mall, Esprit, New Look, etc.

3. Is there someone who knows all about your life(including deep dark secrets) ?
There is, only God, who I believed in :D

4. If given the chance to be famous for a year, what would you do with it ?
I want to go on a world tour with my recitals and repertoire and enjoy myself while getting myself into experiencing all sorts of feelings and situations, which I might be equipped with in the future. Visiting Germany is a must for me, that's where the birth place for most composers.

5. What was your childhood dream ?
It was to become someone who I can save the lives of the sickly and poor, but changed tracked eventually as I've realised that what I'm doing in my profession now is really what I've enjoyed most.

6. Do you club ?
It's definitely a no-no! I rarely have the time to spare after my evenings.

7. What is the best surprise you ever got ?
A stalk of rose delivered anonymously to me in front of the whole class. It was like out of the blue where there's suddenly a rose given to me during Valentine's day. I must be thinking, which teacher in the student council dedicated this stalk to me? I was leaving the council for good the day before. But I never got to know who's the mysterious latter who dropped me that~
8. Where would you want to go for honeymoon ?
Probably somewhere related to my music history studies?

9. If you can chose where to be born, where would it be ?
I wouldn't prefer to choose as I believe that it doesn't really matter where you come from and where and when you're born- the choice lies with GOD. What really matters for me would be the person's personalities and his/her sincerity and honesty.

10. Do you see yourself married in 10 years time ?
Hmmm, about that, I haven't got the time to think about it~

11. What is your ideal career ?
A full time musicologist like my lecturer and something relating to the music career in Singapore. Going around as a freelance MUA after my office hours xD

I would wanna nominate my super awesome friends and bloggers for this award as they really deserve it, especially those who have been with me for long and though many of the tough and fun times we had together~
2. Joey
3. Maria
5. Jen
6. Roxanne

Here are the questions which I'm gonna post to the winners:

1. Any hobbies and pet peeves?
2. What would be your ideal career in the future?
3. Any plans to venture in the beauty industry on top of your desired career?
4. What's your fashion style? Or rather, what you think you go best with in terms of apparels and style?
5. Any inspiring quotes that keeps the motivation in you?
6. Have you been involved with anything related to music?
7. What sparks your interest in blogging?
8. Do you see yourself as a successful person in 10 years' time?
9. Any must-haves in your bag?
10. Any advice to a healthy lifestyle, especially for teens and young adults?
11. How would you describe yourself as?


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TAGGED: 8 Most Worn Things

Howdy all! You guys must have been enjoying a 4-day break from National Day and I'm really glad to have such a break amist of such hectic school weeks. Imagine back-to-back lessons from 9am till 7pm with an hour of lunch break, you know what I mean~

I've been tagged by lovely Yvette from and I must say that this is an interesting tag, which I haven't done it before! Do remember to check out Yvette's blog here for tips, interesting tutorials and reviews~ She's also running a giveaway on her blog too, do check it out too :D

Let's get started with the tag~~


Clinque Rouge A Levres Different Lipstick in Tender Heart
Essence XXXXL Shine Lipgloss in Soulmate
Maybelline Watershiny Pure Lipstick in BM-31

This got to be my all-time favourite lipstick from Clinque, Tender Heart from Rouge A Levres Different collection. It is kind of a mauve taupe-y kind of shade, with a tinge of muted red in it. It looks perfectly natural for me when I put it on, just to enhance the shape of my lips. Something similar to a tinted balm, I would say. As for lipgloss, it got to be Essence's XXXXL Shine Lipgloss in Soulmate. I received this in the package that Essence sent me previously. It is a pink-ish clear gloss with a slightly long doe applicator. It isn't sticky and it's super smooth!

Before applying any lipgloss, I would dot Maybelline's WaterShiny Pure in BM 31 on my lower lips after Clinque's Tender Heart. The colour is slightly similar to the Tender Heart but much more pink-reds. A perfect match for causal outings or school~


Yep, you must be thinking: Hey Krystal, is that really the pair of earrings you've worn most?

It is, actually! Got this at sale at Causeway Point previously(before it is renovated) and it is a super classic pair of earrings which I've been always wanting to get. It's a U-shaped pair of earrings, something which is different from those you have seen in Aries or other accessories store. If I'm not wrong, this pair costs $100+ and it is 925 Silver, doesn't cause any irritations to my ear piercings :D (Y)


I got this from Hong Kong previously, from the streets of Sham Sui Po. It was from one of the apparel stores where there's a whole street filled with clothings, which are to be supplied out of the country. Don't think I'll be able to get this anywhere in Singapore, thus, i decided to purchase it. It has a front flap of cloth with studs randomly placed and shoulder pads, making the shape of the top stand out even more! I wore this to my job interviews, casual outings and occasionally, school. Pairing it with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans, it looks fab!

The con? The studs are falling off one by one;(



Essence Nail Polish in Bad Romance

It's Essence's Bad Romance nail polish! A jelly-based polish with muted classic ruby red glitter and hexagonal flecks, this is no doubt that it's in my favourites' list. And the best part? It's only at $2.80 at the Essence shelves, definitely a fraction as compared to those from Deborrah Lippmann. I love to use a slightly shimmer black polish as my base and topped my nails with Bad Romance~ (I don't really have the chance to wear them on my nails, you know!) Look now nicely it fits onto my flat marble which I've painted!



I wore this to school almost everyday; those who seen me with it, you would have better known even before I posted it here :D It's super comfy and what attracts me would be the floral lining on the flat surface inside the shoe. Got this at a bargain previously at BATA, kind of worth it as they don't usually have nice flats on sale. It's super dirty now as I've not been cleaning it for a week:/


Bioken Enfanti Natural Remedy in Silkway

I'm loving this so much, in fact, this is one of my hair products which really helped me to prevent my split ends and giving a shine that'a just right for my hair! It softens my hair much more as compared to other products that I've tried. The best part? The product uses all natural vitamins and silk-protein mixture! (Y)


Kose Convenience Happy Bath Day Mist Cologne

I don't really have a perfume in my stash(I'm serious!), but this is one of the lighter versions of mists which I liked most. The scent of Rose is bit intense though, but the intensity gradually fades of, being much lighter when it's first being sprayed from the bottle. I'm not very sure if the Happy Bath Day Range is still available at departmental stores when I last saw it at John Little. Got this in Hong Kong previously, together with some KOSE Convenience products.


One of my favourite bags of all times would be INK's fabric bag(don't remember what's the bag's name), this would probably be the one which I always bring out though I have lots of bags hiding at home! I like the texture of the fabric; it's thick, silky kind with a fair bit of shine on the bag. It has enough room for my books when I'm having a light school day and the compartments are super roomy:D

I would have got another bag from Charles and Keith with the same amount I got this INK bag, looks like my sixth-sense could tell me that I definitely would not regret purchasing this!

I'm tagging Joey, Huijin, Roxanne, Jade and Charlene for this tag :D

Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead~


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Skin 79's O2 BB Cleanser

Howdy all! I'm going to do up a review for Skin 79's O2 BB Cleanser today, it's gonna be one of the best experiences I had with facial cleansers and removers. You all should have heard of Skin 79 by now, they are one of more popular BB Cream and powders available in Singapore. I must comment that they have great textures for their BB creams- just right, not too runny and thick~

Allow me to introduce Skin 79 to my fellow readers! 


Skin79 is proud to announce Brown Eyed Girls, the Award winning Korean girl group, as our new brand ambassadors. The group which consists of four members, Jea, Miryo, Narsha, and Gain, debuted as an R&B/ballad vocal group in 2006 and challenged themselves with different music genres. Rising to popularity in 2008, with ‘L.O.V.E.’ and retro dance music ballad ‘How Come’, they went on to complete their transition into an electronica/pop group with Abracadabra and Sign in 2009. The group made their debut in Japan in 2010 and are now considered as Korea’s first rhapsody inspired soul hybrid with Sixth Sense. 

More about Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser~ 

1. This SELF-BUBBLING BB cleanser one in today’s market and offer a 6-in-1 effect.

2. O2 BB cleanser eliminates BB cream makeup of strong coverage with compact and rich bubbles. 

3. It has a BRIGHTENING effect with three times more dense O2 Bubbletox system and the Maackia Fauriei & OBFN ingredients. 

4.  It contains the skin DETOX effect with micro O2 Bubble particles which clear up sebum and dead skin cells. 

5. It offers ELASTICITY to the skin by supplying plenty of MOISTURE and creating a skin barrier with Chia seed and Oatmeal. 

6. The self lifting massage with soft rolling effectively delivers the Acacia collagen ingredient to the skin with elasticity. 

7.   It is LOW IN STIMULATION with a Free Formula System, and contains no Parabens, Colour, and Pernicious ingredients from minerals or animals. 

8. [BEST OF ALL] All Skin79 products are Eco-cert approved ingredients which relieve irritated skin from the external environment.
Here's how the cleanser looks like:

It comes with a pump kind of nozzle in a vacuum bottle. Much practical as compared to the other pump-kind of bottles and less wastage of product!

Firstly, pump an appropriate amount on the back of your hands. The amount in the picture below might be bit too much for me, but it's for illustration purposes. For me, 1 1/2 pump of the product would suffice for my face. It's a gel-based cleanser~ YAY!

I would lather it in circular motion and it would look something like this just after lather:

This is seen after 3 mins of lathering on my hands, the bubbles and foam are pretty shocking though!

Ta-da! After rinsing of the foam on my hands...
It looked rather well-cleanse and there's a huge difference between my hands before and after.
My skin became much clearer than before and much brightening effect seen. Amazingly, it feels super soft than before and there is definitely a detox effect seen- less clogged pores on my hands! The detox effect is similar to Ossion's Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask, but Skin79's is a fraction of the price of Ossion's.

Since it's a BB Cleanser, let's do another experiment if it removes other types of makeup.
In the picture below, (from left) Maybelline's The Colossal Waterproof mascara, Fashion 21's lipstick in Little Mermaid, K-palette's 1-Day Tattoo Waterproof eyeliner in Black, Aqualabel's liquid foundation in 0C-10 and Rachel K's CC Cream.

Here's what happens after I've cleanse it with Skin 79's 02 BB Cleanser~

Surprisingly, the BB Cleanser does removes K-palette's 1-Day Tattoo Waterproof eyeliner, Aqualabel's foundation and Rachel K's CC cream. There's actually bits of lipstick seen un-removed and the mascara after cleansing with the BB remover. The foundation and CC cream actually came of quite easily while cleansing, however, K-palette's waterproof eyeliner might need much more effort, more circular motion with the cleanser to get it off.

Skin 79's 02 BB Cleanser is retailing at Watsons, Sasa, John Little and BHG at $24.90.
Check out Skin79's FB page here: Skin79 Singapore

That's all for today, thanks for reading~

Thanks to Skin79 for the opportunity to try out their new product! Product information extracted from press release, provided by Skin79.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food for Thought: Fish and Co's After School Specials!

 Hi all!  I tried out my first Fish&Co dining at a food tasting event earlier - and was glad that the management did take in our feedbacks that we gave earlier and 'generate' a new student menu!
I attended another food tasting event with my other blogger friends at their GlassHouse outlet at Dhoby Ghaut. The atmosphere there was really pleasant, especially when there's a live band playing during the night while diners have their dinner.

 Here's how the new, revised menu looks like~
For $8 nett onwards, you'll get your choice of Fish and Chips and a drink. There're 7 variants which you can choose from, excluding the good, old, original Fish and Chips!

There's even I-pad ordering! Looks like restaurants are going high-tech nowadays...

Here's our drinks. It's passionfruit if I'm not wrong! The one on the left belongs to my lovely Joey~

Our spread of Fish and Chips of different variants! Looks like a yummy feast right? :D
Here's an introduction to the new variants of Fish and Chips at Fish&Co:

 Danish Fish and Chips
This was stuffed with mozzarella cheese and other spices in this particular variant of the fish. However, it was really cheesy (I mean really!) and it tends to 'cheese' up overtime. Best to go with a cup of hot green tea~

 Italian Fish and Chips

As you can see, this dish was a fusion with the original fish and chips and Italian's pasta sauce.
It was rather bland, probably the sauce wasn't as thick as I've thought. The thick, juicy fish and the pasta sauce wasn't a very good hit off.

 Japanese Fish and Chips

In this dish, it's topped with bits of shredded seaweed and on top of the given lemon butter sauce, the dish provided another sauce, which is the Soba sauce. It would be great if the soba sauce's much thicker, to give the fish a strong taste of the soba sauce.

 Singapore Fish and Chips
In this dish, the fish is topped with homemade chilli crab sauce, which I find it kind of a fusion dish with a tinge of Singapore's homely taste in it. However, it was not really my liking. (I don't really take in chilli nowadays.)

 Swiss Fish and Chips

In this dish, the fish's similar to the the Danish variant, but stuffed with gruyere cheese.
It's quite managable at first, but kind of heading to the 'cheesy' side on the second bite.
Best to go well with a cup of hot green tea~

 New York Fish and Chips

When you've sliced the fish, you would have noticed that there's cheese stuffings in this variant, other than the other two which I've mentioned above. This was with parmesan cheese stuffing. However, it's kind of oily and the flavour eventually 'disappears' after the second bite.
It's definitely not my cup of tea!

Artic Fish and Chips
This was the one which I liked most. The fish's different- pollock fish!
I think that the fish's bit fresher in this dish as compared to the others. Dipping my slice of fish fillet into the awesome lemon butter sauce, it's amazingly great~

Credits: Joey
The Good, Old, Original Fish and Chips

If I were to recommend two Fish and Chips variants, it got to be Artic and the good, old Fish and Chips. Along with lemon butter sauce, it gives the best flavour of the fish, which I think that is really important when it comes to Fish and Chips. (I couldn't find the image from my camera><, thus crediting Joey for this picture!)

Desserts! These are not included in the set meals~

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake

It looks great, with hot chocolate flowing out of the cake upon slicing and the scoop of vanilla ice cream by the side, topped with a cherry. I wasn't really a fan of hot chocolates, you know!

 Key Lime Pie

It has a tinge of lime upon every bite. I guess it's topped with lime-flavoured whipped cream!
Best for tropical climates, like Singapore; cooling and refreshing after a shopping trip along Orchard Road in one humid afternoon~
Strawberry Daiquiri Colossal
This was an American kind of cheese cake which was full of Strawberry goodness. Or rather, puree. I was really fascinated with the marbling of the cheesecake and it's really 'frozen'. It tasted quite okay, but there are definitely cheese cakes that we can make a compare in the market.

  Credits: Joey
Chocolate Layer Mousse
There's many layers of chocolate cake with caramel mousse and studded chocolate chips by the side, this is certainly the first chocolate mousse cake which I've tried. It's semi-sweet, but I would prefer it to be much bitter than this!
After our meals, there's certainly a place to check out!
There's PlayStation®Vita handheld consoles at the very corner of the restaurant~
 Credits: Angie
This SONY kiosk permanently placed in 6
of our outlets - The Glass House, ION Orchard, Clementi Mall, Jurong Point,
Fish & Co. Express @ Downtown East and Fish & Co. Express @ University.
Thanks for reading! :D

Credits: Joey

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Hi all! I wanted to do up a review for a product which I've been using for nearly a year. It's part of my cleansing regime and it helps to remove makeup and other impurities that's on your skin and in your pores.
Credit: Fancl

Fancl was the Japanese brand which is well-known for MUTENKA in their products. This means that the products do not contain potentially harmful preservatives and additives, but only those ingredients which would benefit and enhance the skin's beauty.

Credit: Fancl

I love skincare products which are fresh and totally free from preservatives; they tend to work better on my skin as compared to others. Their products do observe a 'freshness' period, whereby the product must be used within a certain period of time after it's opened. There's also a plastic white ring to ensure that the products are not opened before. To use the product, you would have to remove the white ring and screw the dispenser and the bottle of product together. The 'freshness' sticker comes into a great use, especially for scatterbrains like me >.< It is to remind users the best before date of the product.

Credits: Fancl

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil is formulated with enriched Meadow Foam Oil which helps in the removal of keratin plugs overtime for clearer, smoother complexion. The product contains three main ingredients: Meadow Foam Oil, GT Catechin Oil and Rose Hip Oil.
To use, simply pump about the size of a 50-cent coin onto the clean, dry palm. Smooth the oil all over the face and gently massage into makeup and dirt. After that, rinse throughly with water or lukewarm water. I would always double cleanse my face with Fancl's Facial Washing Powder after that!

My thoughts:

1. Deep cleanse pores and unclog them, resulting in less comodones and blackheads seen. My skin condition improved much just after several times of everyday usage.

2. The formulation is not too thick and 'oily' and the size of the bottles are relatively small as compared to Shu Uemura's.

3. It did cleanse my face amazingly well and I was awed when my face became much smoother and clearer than before.

4. Contains no preservatives, completely fresh! However, the bottle would have to be used up within 120days, approx 3 months. There're several months whereby there's a bit left in the bottle after 3 months, which I've to throw away:(

5. Removes waterproof eye and lip makeup pretty fast and well!

6. Doubles up as a good cleansing agent for any oil-based makeup in jars and washing brushes.

7. Value for money! A 120ml bottle which lasted for 3months would be only $33 whereas the 60ml bottle is retailing at $19 VS DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml for $43 and Shu Uemura's 150ml for $62.

Thanks for reading and hope you all find goodness in your skin after using Fancl's Cleansing Oil! ~ 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought bottles of cleansing oil using my own money. The above would be my honest review.