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Review: Skin 79's O2 BB Cleanser

Howdy all! I'm going to do up a review for Skin 79's O2 BB Cleanser today, it's gonna be one of the best experiences I had with facial cleansers and removers. You all should have heard of Skin 79 by now, they are one of more popular BB Cream and powders available in Singapore. I must comment that they have great textures for their BB creams- just right, not too runny and thick~

Allow me to introduce Skin 79 to my fellow readers! 


Skin79 is proud to announce Brown Eyed Girls, the Award winning Korean girl group, as our new brand ambassadors. The group which consists of four members, Jea, Miryo, Narsha, and Gain, debuted as an R&B/ballad vocal group in 2006 and challenged themselves with different music genres. Rising to popularity in 2008, with ‘L.O.V.E.’ and retro dance music ballad ‘How Come’, they went on to complete their transition into an electronica/pop group with Abracadabra and Sign in 2009. The group made their debut in Japan in 2010 and are now considered as Korea’s first rhapsody inspired soul hybrid with Sixth Sense. 

More about Skin79 O2 BB Cleanser~ 

1. This SELF-BUBBLING BB cleanser one in today’s market and offer a 6-in-1 effect.

2. O2 BB cleanser eliminates BB cream makeup of strong coverage with compact and rich bubbles. 

3. It has a BRIGHTENING effect with three times more dense O2 Bubbletox system and the Maackia Fauriei & OBFN ingredients. 

4.  It contains the skin DETOX effect with micro O2 Bubble particles which clear up sebum and dead skin cells. 

5. It offers ELASTICITY to the skin by supplying plenty of MOISTURE and creating a skin barrier with Chia seed and Oatmeal. 

6. The self lifting massage with soft rolling effectively delivers the Acacia collagen ingredient to the skin with elasticity. 

7.   It is LOW IN STIMULATION with a Free Formula System, and contains no Parabens, Colour, and Pernicious ingredients from minerals or animals. 

8. [BEST OF ALL] All Skin79 products are Eco-cert approved ingredients which relieve irritated skin from the external environment.
Here's how the cleanser looks like:

It comes with a pump kind of nozzle in a vacuum bottle. Much practical as compared to the other pump-kind of bottles and less wastage of product!

Firstly, pump an appropriate amount on the back of your hands. The amount in the picture below might be bit too much for me, but it's for illustration purposes. For me, 1 1/2 pump of the product would suffice for my face. It's a gel-based cleanser~ YAY!

I would lather it in circular motion and it would look something like this just after lather:

This is seen after 3 mins of lathering on my hands, the bubbles and foam are pretty shocking though!

Ta-da! After rinsing of the foam on my hands...
It looked rather well-cleanse and there's a huge difference between my hands before and after.
My skin became much clearer than before and much brightening effect seen. Amazingly, it feels super soft than before and there is definitely a detox effect seen- less clogged pores on my hands! The detox effect is similar to Ossion's Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask, but Skin79's is a fraction of the price of Ossion's.

Since it's a BB Cleanser, let's do another experiment if it removes other types of makeup.
In the picture below, (from left) Maybelline's The Colossal Waterproof mascara, Fashion 21's lipstick in Little Mermaid, K-palette's 1-Day Tattoo Waterproof eyeliner in Black, Aqualabel's liquid foundation in 0C-10 and Rachel K's CC Cream.

Here's what happens after I've cleanse it with Skin 79's 02 BB Cleanser~

Surprisingly, the BB Cleanser does removes K-palette's 1-Day Tattoo Waterproof eyeliner, Aqualabel's foundation and Rachel K's CC cream. There's actually bits of lipstick seen un-removed and the mascara after cleansing with the BB remover. The foundation and CC cream actually came of quite easily while cleansing, however, K-palette's waterproof eyeliner might need much more effort, more circular motion with the cleanser to get it off.

Skin 79's 02 BB Cleanser is retailing at Watsons, Sasa, John Little and BHG at $24.90.
Check out Skin79's FB page here: Skin79 Singapore

That's all for today, thanks for reading~

Thanks to Skin79 for the opportunity to try out their new product! Product information extracted from press release, provided by Skin79.


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