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Feature: What's in my makeup bag?

Hi all! Some of you guys have been requesting a 'what's in my makeup bag' post earlier on and I've finally got the time to do it up. The photos are bit out of focus here and there and I've tried my best to get the true colour of the products- it has been really difficult as a camera has its own limitations for colours, sigh. (Enough of the rantings, Krystal! Better get started!)

Here's what are in my makeup pouch:
1.  Loreal UV Perfect Matte Sun Block
One of my essentials in my makeup bag, I can't go out without my sunblock!
This sunblock gives a matte, clean finish on my face without any white streaks.
It's best for oily to oily-combination skin, but I just love the texture of the cream!

2. Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (Travel Sized)
This became my staple ever since my mum introduced me to Clinque. I got this travel sized tube along with the GWP goodies from my purchases from the Clinque counters. The moisturiser absorbs into my skin pretty fast, and leaves my face hydrated throughout the day. Mine is in dry to dry combination variant, however, I tend to spread a thin layer over my face.
Love the texture, it's the in between runny, but thick kind of moisturiser.

3. Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara
This was one of my favourite mascaras other than Lancome's Virtuose mascara, which I think it's the best! The formula's just right to give volume to my lashes and it doesn't clump. I feel very comfortable using this mascara and it has been my third tube (: The brush might be a bit big, but it works best with small mascara spoolies (like those in Sephora/Manicare). If I'm not wrong, this is named as the Magnum in Asia.

Renee from Beautyfool had reviewed it (Click here)

4. The Face Shop Phytogenic concealer duo in NB 21
 My first duo concealer I've ever came across. I was in the shop browsing when this product caught my eye right away. It has a sleek green-silvery theme in this series, Phytogenic, which is more suited for sensitive skin. A matte liquid on one side and a rich, creamy stick on the other side, this duo makes a difference in my makeup ever since I've started on it. I love to use the matte liquid concealer on my under eyes (to cover my horrid eyebags) and the stick to cover any redness, it doesn't cake up at all! This is one of the lighter versions available in Singapore.

5. Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm in Pomegranate Oil
I got this from Eliza, as she's having a Blogsale earlier on. She's really kind to reserve them for me and popped in an ELF lipstick-lipgloss in too! I was eyeing on Burt's Bee for quite sometime this year and finally.... my first tinted lip balm. No more nagging from Mum about that transparent, gleaming layer on my lips, heh. It gives a sheer pinkish-red kind of texture on my lips, and it's moisturising too. Love to wear it everyday out, be it school, work, functions, etc.

6. Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust
This is a light, translucent kind-of powder for me. It minimises the oiling up on my T-zone and it's relatively light, something which I preferred. I'd dust a tiny amount of it on my face after my sun block and off I go :D  Something new for you guys: I don't like compact powders, especially two way cakes. They tend to get cakey after a while and it gives a rather heavy feeling on my face. I'd much prefer something light and sheer :D

7.  Revlon Colourstay Mineral Blusher in 030 Roseberry
My favourite blusher among the rest which I have at home; it's very sheer pink-red(slightly towards the red side) and it suits me well, especially I'm having a casual shop around. It gives a slight natural glow, with minute bits of shimmer powder in it. There's a swatch above, which I've layered it exactly 4 times in order to see the colour. I got this online from

 8. Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells
This was the most pigmented and natural colours which I've got in my stash, all thanks to the swap which Dominique and I had previously. It works pretty well for me and it's a great guide for those who are just starting on eyeshadows. I've been using this for quite some time, sometimes on the days when I've school and function afterwards.

9. Holika Holika Face2Change BB cream in Shade 02
It was indeed a special type of BB cream, whereby it contained Morocan Argan Oil (I've never came across any Argan Oil in BB creams, hmmm...). More for convenience, I would say. It has a roller to blend the BB cream on your face and it's fuss free (with all that fingers and stuff). If I'm not wrong, this is one of the star products Holika Holika had. It has good oil control; I've not experienced any blotting in the middle of the day, which I usually does. So far, I've not experienced any breakouts using this product.

You must be wondering why there isn't any lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeliner, etc in my makeup bag by now. Well, I would usually put on my eyeliner and lipsticks when I'm about to head out and they lasted me the whole day without touching up. However, I do bring along hand sanitisers and makeup wipes in my bag.

As for lipgloss, I've ran out of them and would be looking for a new one to try out! It's always fun to shop at Sephora/Watsons where you can swatch and try out everything before you buy. (Wait, I don't mean trying them on your face, though I've seen people doing that!).

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.
That's all for now, thanks for reading!

Credits to the above picture to the rightful owner.

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