Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sponsored Review: Leader's Clinic Tea Tree Healing Solution Mask

If you're looking for a better mask for your blemished skin, this would be the right post for you! Some say that Leader's Clinic is better than SKII? Well, I might have to try out SKII before I can come out with a verdict though.

Anyway, let me move on with some brief introduction to Leader's Clinic. Well, it is a cosmedical brand created and dermatological tested by specialists of Leader Skin Clinic, who are graduates of Seoul National University. They adopted the principles of treatment by dermatology clinics for skin trouble that are almost common to women. The whole range of Leader's Clinic products were developed based on dermatological theories and past experiences of clinical staff of Leaders Skin Clinic. They are the best selling range of masks in Korea and many of the Korean celebrities as their loyal users. The mask is really different from those "common" brands you can find in stores, especially for their ultra-thin silk cellulose material. Not only that, your skin would be full of high-concentrated essence after usage. Sounds great, right?

What exactly this mask could do? Firstly, this is a skin-like cellulose mask that contains high-concentration essence that fits your skin perfectly, delivering the essence effectively and fines wrinkles, aids intensive care. Secondly, it contains components to help troubled skin with excess oil secretion(ie. Tea Tree Oil, Pine Needle extract, etc.). Thirdly, it soothes your skin and feel refreshed after usage without any traces of stickiness.

My thoughts:
My blemishes became gradually smaller and the acne marks heals a bit. Pores became much smaller, especially on the T-zone. The cellulose mask fits my face pretty well and the best thing is that it covers up your chin! The sheet does not fall off even I'm sitting upright. The Tea Tree Oil fragrance is not that strong as the clay mask from The Body Shop. Well, it really depends if you're okay with the Tea Tree aroma lingering around your room. I was used to the smell since I was young, thus, I'm quite okay with it. There's loads of high-concentrated essence as leftovers for my limbs; feels much smoother and scares seemed to have faded after applying the essence and leaving it for the rest of the day. It would definitely better treatment if used consecutively for once per week for a month, the end result would be much better than using Tea Tree Oil for long.
Verdict: 5/5, love it loads for the skin-like cellulose mask as well as the high-concentrated essence. To be honest, I've never been to any facials or using any of the Leader's Clinic products before, mostly sticking to either Clinque or Clinelle. This was indeed one of the best masks I've ever tried other than the homemade ones.

Leader's Clinic masks are selling at $2.50-3 per piece at Joyce's Pharm. There're selected Guardian and Sephora stores at $4.95 per piece. She is currently having a giveaway and a spree for Korean brands such as Laneige, The Face Shop, Holika Holika, SkinFood, etc. The items were directly imported from Korea, thus the price difference.

Do quote CHERYLJP to enjoy a special discounted rate the following items:
1. 5% off all preorders and instocks
2. 8% off for $80 and above for preorders
3. Free mask for every purchase of $30 on top of usual freebies and samples
I'm definitely going to purchase some of my fave korea cosmetics from her, especially my BB cream is running out since school started^^ I've yet to review the rest of the masks lovely Joyce sent me, it would be ready in due time.

Disclaimer: There were a set of 4 different masks sent to me from Joyce's Pharm. Thanks lovely Joyce for giving me an opportunity to work with you as well as the awesome masks! They were sponsored by Joyce's Pharm.


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