Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giveaway #3 and something else...

Hi Guys! I'm really sorry to be on hiatus for that long till 3 December 2011- EXAMS! I'll promise that once I'm officially done with exams, I'll chiong back to do up all my long over-dued posts and reviews. Here's what you'll expect after I return:
1. Grace Mask in Aloe Vera
2. Clinelle UV Defence SPF 20 in Tinted Natural
3. Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo, etc

Lastly, I'll leave you all with a Christmas giveaway while I'm on hiatus. This is an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY, finally right? :)

The above package consists of:
1. A box of ChocoMarvel
2. Acnes Medicated Skincare Face Wash
3. ELF Foundation Brush
4. Beauty Credit Nail Polish
5. A piece of Leader's Clinic Mask of your own choice
6. A piece of Holika Holika Essential Sheet Mask of your own choice
7. A MYSTERY item. It might be something from your favourite brands from Sephora, Forever 21, etc. It would be generally make-up products:)
I bought these with my own ka-ching:) The picture above serves for illustration purposes.

In order to enter this giveaway, do share with me the make up and beauty tips you have and stand a chance to win a set of my favourite products!

Conditions for this giveaway:
*You must be a follower of via Google Friend Connect.

Do comment in the following format:
1. Name/GFC username(+1)
2. Email Address
3. FB Nick following my FB page(+2)
4. Make Up and Beauty Tips(+1)
5. Blog permalink: (+4)
An additional chance would be entitled if you do the following:

1. By following my FaceBook page- Dreams of a Beauty-a-holic. This entitles you to TWO entries for the giveaway.
2. Do a short blog post about this giveaway. Each blog post entitles you to FOUR entries for the giveaway.

I'll pick the winner via the most simplest way- draw lots. Each individual name would be written in a strip of papers and placed in a box. Then I'll draw the winner and that means... the greater number of entries you have = more chances of you winning!
This giveaway is only applicable to those with a valid address. The giveaway will end on the 18 DEC 2011, Saturday, at 2359(GSM +8, Singapore Time).

All the best and GOOD LUCK! Better wish me luck for my exams next week:)



  1. 1. Name/GFC username: shimmerpole
    2. Email Address: byb.onsugar gmail com
    3. FB Nick following my FB page: Jien
    4. Make Up and Beauty Tips: Use your unwanted liquid eyeliners to darken lashes, making it more noticeable! Have done a post on it! I think you have already seen it! :)
    I didn't blog about your giveaway, but put you in my blogroll! :) :)

  2. 1. Name/GFC username: ladyck
    2. Email Address:
    3. FB Nick following my FB page: Cindy Kho
    4. Make Up and Beauty Tips: etude lash ampoule is really good to make your lash longer naturally
    5. Blog permalink:

  3. Koh Jun Jie Jason
    Koh Jun Jie Jason
    Drink collagen everyday helps.
    Soon to blog.

  4. 1. Name/GFC username(+1) Sarah
    2. Email Address :
    3. FB Nick following my FB page(+2) Sarah Ser
    4. Make Up and Beauty Tips(+1) Set your foundation with power to keep it lasting throughout the day!

  5. 1. Name/GFC username(+1): Xt Koh

    2. Email Address:

    3. FB Nick following my FB page(+2): Xt Koh

    4. Make Up and Beauty Tips(+1) : Make a curl stay longer by heating up your eyelash curler with a hairdryer! (be careful!)

    5. Blog permalink: (+4)

  6. Forgot to add... good luck for your exams!

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  8. Hi Krystal!
    Name/GFC username: Mrs K
    Email Address:
    FB Nick: Nisa Abdul
    Make Up and Beauty Tips: You can use your lipstick as a cream blush!
    Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  9. Hi,hope it was not too late to join!

    My makeup and beauty tip was too use my eyeshadow as a eyeliner,looks lovely on my eyes!

    gfc; arra
    fb:Arra Morta


  10. Hi Krystal,
    so who is the winner for this giveaway ya?