Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sponsored Review: Shills Black Gel Sebum + Shills Clarifying Toner

Hi there! I'm finally back from a long break, going for a holiday and coming back. Would blog about my haul soon! Tonight, I'm going to do a review on the products which I've received during the Judy Lin Event previously. I'm using it diligently for a month and now, presenting to you my review on Shills Black Gel Sebum and Shills Clarifying Toner.

Shills Black Gel Sebum

My review: The product states that there should be a stinging sensation upon application. However, I've only experienced the heating and stinging sensation twice throughout usage and that is only after exfoliating my nose and the other black and whiteheads areas. Most of the time, I've experienced no stinging or heating sensation. After messaging my nose with Shills Black Gel Sebum, my blackheads became much visible and it is easily removed with any nose strips. The one that I've been using would be Beauty Credit's Charcoal Nose Strips which I'm comfortable with.

Shills Clarifying Toner

My review: Well, this isn't the type of toner I'll really go for- powdered sediments in a bottle of clear liquid. It's kind of frustrating when the white powdered sediments got on your face with just a swipe of the toner on the cotton pad. However, what really captures me was the fresh, minty scent that gives off from the toner. It would be better if the powdered sediments could be further processed into some kind of an essential oil that was to be added into the toner's clear liquid. This would have further enhanced the toner's effect, even though my face felt quite fresh and clean after a swipe from the cotton pad.

I think that's all for today! Have a enjoyable Christmas eve and tomorrow too, hope you guys love your Christmas gifts that you've received from your loved ones!

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