Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feature: My Vanity Area

Hi all! I've finally did some tidy-up work after the exams. It had been really long ever since I've done a de-stashing and re-arranging my beauty products. Here's how my vanity area looks like after I've tidied up:

 Some de-potted products in the small tubs and bottles. BB creams, serums, powder blush, etc.
It's really messy, especially the area where I placed my brushes.

 Here's my lip product stash! There are several lip glosses, lip butters, lipsticks, etc. That's where I'd place tubes of mascaras which I've used.

 My Clinque eye concealer and the little tub of Loreal's base makeup!

This was what I've found in my drawer:
I've got a tray specially for these products and there's still some space left.

 My Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Trio, random Skinfood masks sachets and a brand new brush.

And I've found this picture of me when I'm young, hmmmm...

That's all for short-post about my vanity area!

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  1. hi! i'd like to share with you my humble collections


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