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Review: Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Hi all! I wanted to do up a review for a product which I've been using for nearly a year. It's part of my cleansing regime and it helps to remove makeup and other impurities that's on your skin and in your pores.
Credit: Fancl

Fancl was the Japanese brand which is well-known for MUTENKA in their products. This means that the products do not contain potentially harmful preservatives and additives, but only those ingredients which would benefit and enhance the skin's beauty.

Credit: Fancl

I love skincare products which are fresh and totally free from preservatives; they tend to work better on my skin as compared to others. Their products do observe a 'freshness' period, whereby the product must be used within a certain period of time after it's opened. There's also a plastic white ring to ensure that the products are not opened before. To use the product, you would have to remove the white ring and screw the dispenser and the bottle of product together. The 'freshness' sticker comes into a great use, especially for scatterbrains like me >.< It is to remind users the best before date of the product.

Credits: Fancl

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil is formulated with enriched Meadow Foam Oil which helps in the removal of keratin plugs overtime for clearer, smoother complexion. The product contains three main ingredients: Meadow Foam Oil, GT Catechin Oil and Rose Hip Oil.
To use, simply pump about the size of a 50-cent coin onto the clean, dry palm. Smooth the oil all over the face and gently massage into makeup and dirt. After that, rinse throughly with water or lukewarm water. I would always double cleanse my face with Fancl's Facial Washing Powder after that!

My thoughts:

1. Deep cleanse pores and unclog them, resulting in less comodones and blackheads seen. My skin condition improved much just after several times of everyday usage.

2. The formulation is not too thick and 'oily' and the size of the bottles are relatively small as compared to Shu Uemura's.

3. It did cleanse my face amazingly well and I was awed when my face became much smoother and clearer than before.

4. Contains no preservatives, completely fresh! However, the bottle would have to be used up within 120days, approx 3 months. There're several months whereby there's a bit left in the bottle after 3 months, which I've to throw away:(

5. Removes waterproof eye and lip makeup pretty fast and well!

6. Doubles up as a good cleansing agent for any oil-based makeup in jars and washing brushes.

7. Value for money! A 120ml bottle which lasted for 3months would be only $33 whereas the 60ml bottle is retailing at $19 VS DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml for $43 and Shu Uemura's 150ml for $62.

Thanks for reading and hope you all find goodness in your skin after using Fancl's Cleansing Oil! ~ 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought bottles of cleansing oil using my own money. The above would be my honest review.

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