Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TAGGED: 8 Most Worn Things

Howdy all! You guys must have been enjoying a 4-day break from National Day and I'm really glad to have such a break amist of such hectic school weeks. Imagine back-to-back lessons from 9am till 7pm with an hour of lunch break, you know what I mean~

I've been tagged by lovely Yvette from Yvettia.com and I must say that this is an interesting tag, which I haven't done it before! Do remember to check out Yvette's blog here for tips, interesting tutorials and reviews~ She's also running a giveaway on her blog too, do check it out too :D

Let's get started with the tag~~


Clinque Rouge A Levres Different Lipstick in Tender Heart
Essence XXXXL Shine Lipgloss in Soulmate
Maybelline Watershiny Pure Lipstick in BM-31

This got to be my all-time favourite lipstick from Clinque, Tender Heart from Rouge A Levres Different collection. It is kind of a mauve taupe-y kind of shade, with a tinge of muted red in it. It looks perfectly natural for me when I put it on, just to enhance the shape of my lips. Something similar to a tinted balm, I would say. As for lipgloss, it got to be Essence's XXXXL Shine Lipgloss in Soulmate. I received this in the package that Essence sent me previously. It is a pink-ish clear gloss with a slightly long doe applicator. It isn't sticky and it's super smooth!

Before applying any lipgloss, I would dot Maybelline's WaterShiny Pure in BM 31 on my lower lips after Clinque's Tender Heart. The colour is slightly similar to the Tender Heart but much more pink-reds. A perfect match for causal outings or school~


Yep, you must be thinking: Hey Krystal, is that really the pair of earrings you've worn most?

It is, actually! Got this at sale at Causeway Point previously(before it is renovated) and it is a super classic pair of earrings which I've been always wanting to get. It's a U-shaped pair of earrings, something which is different from those you have seen in Aries or other accessories store. If I'm not wrong, this pair costs $100+ and it is 925 Silver, doesn't cause any irritations to my ear piercings :D (Y)


I got this from Hong Kong previously, from the streets of Sham Sui Po. It was from one of the apparel stores where there's a whole street filled with clothings, which are to be supplied out of the country. Don't think I'll be able to get this anywhere in Singapore, thus, i decided to purchase it. It has a front flap of cloth with studs randomly placed and shoulder pads, making the shape of the top stand out even more! I wore this to my job interviews, casual outings and occasionally, school. Pairing it with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans, it looks fab!

The con? The studs are falling off one by one;(



Essence Nail Polish in Bad Romance

It's Essence's Bad Romance nail polish! A jelly-based polish with muted classic ruby red glitter and hexagonal flecks, this is no doubt that it's in my favourites' list. And the best part? It's only at $2.80 at the Essence shelves, definitely a fraction as compared to those from Deborrah Lippmann. I love to use a slightly shimmer black polish as my base and topped my nails with Bad Romance~ (I don't really have the chance to wear them on my nails, you know!) Look now nicely it fits onto my flat marble which I've painted!



I wore this to school almost everyday; those who seen me with it, you would have better known even before I posted it here :D It's super comfy and what attracts me would be the floral lining on the flat surface inside the shoe. Got this at a bargain previously at BATA, kind of worth it as they don't usually have nice flats on sale. It's super dirty now as I've not been cleaning it for a week:/


Bioken Enfanti Natural Remedy in Silkway

I'm loving this so much, in fact, this is one of my hair products which really helped me to prevent my split ends and giving a shine that'a just right for my hair! It softens my hair much more as compared to other products that I've tried. The best part? The product uses all natural vitamins and silk-protein mixture! (Y)


Kose Convenience Happy Bath Day Mist Cologne

I don't really have a perfume in my stash(I'm serious!), but this is one of the lighter versions of mists which I liked most. The scent of Rose is bit intense though, but the intensity gradually fades of, being much lighter when it's first being sprayed from the bottle. I'm not very sure if the Happy Bath Day Range is still available at departmental stores when I last saw it at John Little. Got this in Hong Kong previously, together with some KOSE Convenience products.


One of my favourite bags of all times would be INK's fabric bag(don't remember what's the bag's name), this would probably be the one which I always bring out though I have lots of bags hiding at home! I like the texture of the fabric; it's thick, silky kind with a fair bit of shine on the bag. It has enough room for my books when I'm having a light school day and the compartments are super roomy:D

I would have got another bag from Charles and Keith with the same amount I got this INK bag, looks like my sixth-sense could tell me that I definitely would not regret purchasing this!

I'm tagging Joey, Huijin, Roxanne, Jade and Charlene for this tag :D

Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead~


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