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Sponsored Review: Sexylook 3D Masks in Super Moisturising and

Hi all! My sincere apologies for the huge lacking of posts(and reviews) after my school started this month. I was really busy for school, with an all-new environment and the overwhelming piles of homework coming in. Nevertheless, I'll try to squeeze in a post or two in a week okay?
I was drafting this review when I was having my lunch break with my friends a week ago... Previously, sent me a package for reviewing. Guess what? they were SexyLook 3D Masks in Aloe Vera+Q10 Super Moisturizing and SexyLook 3D Masks in Pearl Barley and Hyaluronic Acid Ultra Whitening. I was duper excited as SexyLook 3D is one of my favourites; I've tried Extra Brightening and Super Rejuvenating way before I've received the review package.

Let me introduce SexyLook 3D Masks in Aloe Vera+Q10 Super Moisturising Mask to you all! Well, this is one of Taiwan's beat selling masks and the great news is... it is available in Singapore few months back. I've got my dear BFF to get them for me when she was in Taiwan few months back when Singapore doesn't retail the masks. It is also featured in Famous Taiwanese Beauty Show 《女人我最大》.

More about the masks:
Basically, it is a 360 degrees Ultra Lifting & Firming 3D Mask. It has ear hooks to lift & firm skin on your face, ranging from neck to mouth areas. Containing premium ingredients such as Red Wine, Bird Nest, Gold Caviar, Platinum, Gem and etc… SexyLook 3D Mask in Aloe Vera+Q10 is an ultra-mositurising mask that penetrates deeply into fibrous tissue of skin tension and elasticity. Increases the skin moisturizing function, controls sebum and promotes skin metabolism rate.

Following would be the ingredients list:

Now putting the 'precious' into test:

Picture of face without mask on. I know it looks really ugly with zits on my T-zone>.<
Do bear with it.

Something I've never seen in the market before I knew Sexylook- ear hooks for sheet masks. It lifts up your face, especially the contours.

Ta-da! After mask usage, I feel that my face is much 80%moisturised and my face is bit sticky with the essence on my face. Of course, I patted my face for efficient essence absorption as I do not want to waste my precious essence! Even the zit became much smaller, not as inflamed as before and less redness. Just wondering if this mask does have the 'heal-the-zits' effect on me??

Moving on, SexyLook 3D masks in Pearl Barley+Hyaluronic Acid Ultra Whitening. Well, this mask contains extracts from Job's Tears, Pearl, Gingo Biloba, etc. This is strictly a whitening type of masks; Brighten and smoothen skin after usage. Just take note that every SexyLook 3D Masks contains perfume. Do avoid them if you're sensitive to this particular ingredient! I've decided to do a before and after for this mask too, you'll be able to see the end result in a short while.

This is a picture of my bare face before the mask, you can see that it's bit dull and some enlarged pores on my T-zone.

Haha, I'm trying the mask now. I look like a white sheet monster. Roar! The elasticity of the mask is just perfect for my huge face. I can feel the lifting effect approximately 5 mins after putting on the mask. Time to finish my rest of my history assignment in the meantime.

See! My pores became a bit closed up after usage. It has been brightened a lot, and my pigmentation becomes slightly lighter than before. The moisturising effect is great, although it is meant to brighten your skin. A V shape now! :)

My thoughts for both masks:
I really love the masks, especially the ear-hooks. You can even feel the 'lifting' effect on your face unlike other masks I've tried. The mask is bit smaller for my face, though it is stretchable to a certain extent, it would be great if there's a bigger size for big-faced asians like myself. The scent given out by the mask and essence really refreshes my face and the essence is super moisturising. I applied the leftovers on my lower limbs as they are dying of dehydration from the strong air-con in the classrooms, and the skin on my lower limbs becomes smoother and much softer than before. The essence is more than enough for both legs. After using the mask, my face stays brightened and well-moisturised throughout the week in strong 16degrees celcius air-con. It would be perfect if there's a resealable zip packaging for each mask to store the leftovers for convenience rather than pouring it into a container. It would be rather difficult to scoop the essence for applicatiion.

Rating 5/5, love them loads for the ear-hooks and the moisturising effect!

Special thanks to for sending the lovely boxes of masks to me. Do check out their site as they have great deals for Sexylook and LoveMore Masks, and especially their Lioele Products! Sexy Look masks are available exclusively at Guardian and Sasa for an introductory price of $7.95 for 5 pieces, usual price $8.90 for 5 pieces. Visit for more product information. P/s: Please join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Sexy Look Singapore to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!

I'm giving away a total of 4 SexyLook Super Moisturizing and Ultra Brightening masks exclusive for my readers to try out. There would be 2 winners drawn via fruit machine or Each winner would get 1 piece ofSexyLook Super Moisturizing and Ultra Brightening masks each. Simply comment in the format below:
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    Why do you want to try the masks?: Entering for fun! Have yet to try the green one you gave me! Love the TBS tea tree oil!

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    i want to try sexylook masks :D