Saturday, July 23, 2011

Received from lovely Kristen

Hi guys! I've just received a parcel from Kristen yesterday in my mailbox; I've taken part in her recent The Body Shop Body Butter Duo giveaway, and I turned out to be the one of the lucky ones to receive a prize from her. I didn't manage to win The Body Shop Body Butter Duo in her giveaway; she was generous to draw 2 more winners for the giveaway. Here's what it consist of:

The mail consists of:
1. Olivella's Body Lotion
2. The Saem's emulsion- heard that it is only available in Korea
3. Elishacoy BB Cream
4. Diesel's Perfume
5. Lastly, a cute ELMO note from lovely Kristen. I had a soft spot for sweet handwritten notes:)

I've actually won one of her previous giveaway- Clinelle UV Defence SPF 20 Tinted Natural Shade. You'll be surprised by the Clinelle collection I have at home:

I'm a avid fan of Clinelle, expanding my collection after I finish my current ones. One of the Moisture Booster belongs to my mum; she likes it too! I'll promise to do a review for the prizes I've won- the package above and Clinelle UV Defence SPF 20, soon.

Thanks a lot to Kristen for her time and effort for the mail I received yesterday; I really liked it a lot and there's a surprise on the way for you. Hope you'll like mine^^
Meanwhile, do hop over to Kristen's blog for more tips and reviews!
PS: Do join my ongoing giveaway if you haven't as there is another one coming up:)


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