Monday, June 4, 2012

Sponsored review: SexyLook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Masks

Hi all! I'm going to introduce a series of Sexylook and LoveMore facial sheet masks which I have been raving them ever since they are in Singapore. Today, it's Sexylook's Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting masks. It contains black pearl, white truffle and barley, who could resist that? *nom nom, truffle fries...(pun intended)

These are the ingredients which contributed to its multi whitening effect of the mask. It aims to improve uneven skintone, minimizing dark spots and most importantly, moisturise our skin(face, i mean).

There is a rather light scent upon opening the packaging of the mask. This was the scent which calmed my nerves down immediately unlike the scents of other facial sheet masks which I have tried. It is not as overwhelming as I had expected. The mask was soaked in thick, not-so-diluted kind of essence. This was different from the other SexyLook masks that I have tried; it has a translucent, milky kind if essence. There's not much essence left in the packaging after I have taken out the sheet mask for usage.

I liked the concept of having ear hooks for sheet masks. It provides a duo lifting effect that could be visible after usage, giving a 'contoured' kind of moisturising look to my face. However, what I have experienced is that the sheet mask was tad small in size for my 'oval-round' face. I'd have to stretch the sheet first before placing it on my face. It does cover most of the areas on my face, except the nose bridge and the areas between my nose and cheeks.
Overall, my pores became much smaller than before (I had much enlarged pores at the cheeks and nose area.). My face became much radiant than before. 

SexyLook masks are found in Watsons, Sasa and Guardian at $8.80 per box. does sell them at a promotional price at $7.90.  If I'm not wrong, I remember that I've bought individual pieces from Sasa at $2 per piece.

Thanks a lot to lovely Sarina and for the masks and making sure that I have received them! :D

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

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