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 Hi all! I have recently chanced upon lovely Roxanne's blog and Yvette's blog about her Beauty Bucket List and feel that it would be very interesting to make a list of those which I would want to experience. Here's my bucket:
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 Just kidding! My bucket would be filled with lots of wonderful activities I would want to experience before I kicked the bucket. Here's the real bucket list: (I'll try to be beauty and lifestyle-related!)

1. Give a chance to false lashes once more.
I'm really clumsy in putting on false lashes that I gave up putting them on. I was in a complete awe on Roxanne's beauty booth at Mary Chia's Spa Party that the girls could put on false lashes properly. Sigh :(

2. Get a manicure done.
I couldn't get to try manicure most of them time because I'm using my fingers more than others do. Partly because I am doing a course which needs much practicing with my fingers, I couldn't afford to have nail polishes on my fingernails while having lesson.

3. Teeth Whitening! 
My teeth are not really yellow or white, but it's just that tea and coffee do stain my teeth for the past 8 years and they haven't been pearly white since then. Though I do rinse my mouth after drinking tea or coffee since 6 years ago, the stain's still there.

4. Try out Clinque's Redness solution.
I can't seem to find this product at most of the Clinque counters that I have been too, could someone please enlighten me on where to get this from?

5. Get a set of a non-drugstore cosmetics. (I'm thinking of Lancome, heh.)
Only if Clinque's not a drugstore product :p

6. Get my face on some snail products.

7. Get started with a Youtube channel, featuring some makeup tutorials and interesting videos.
This was like... my dream few years ago, always wanting to feature some of the new products that I have got and of course, makeup tutorials and tips. But still, I haven't figure out how to take videos with my DSLR. Bummer.

8. Trying out some spa programme and facial treatments.
Can't believe it that I have not gone for any facial treatments or spa programmes yet, but I'm still young. Heh.

9. Getting my hands on some pampering hand treatments.
Have you got any idea how rough (I'll not say it's tad rough, but a big difference with my classmates' hands of the same age.) my hands are? There're lots of lines on my palms and I've been rotating hand creams all round. But still, couldn't find a better solution.

10.  Exercising moderately.
Probably this is one of the most vigorous ways to stay healthy and strong, other than having lots of fibre, fruits and vegetables!

11.  Find the correct shades of coral and red lipsticks.
This was one of the most horrid problems which I've faced- I can't seem to get my perfect lipstick shades. I mean, matte ones.

12. Try out the this year's trend- tangerine tango
Doubt I'll be looking fab in shades of orange:(

This would be it for my bucket list! 
Will be right back with my haul recently, reviews and food~ xoxo

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