Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sponsored Review: LoveMore Rose Crystal and Tourmaline Moisturing Mask

Hi all! Today's review would be about one of the few mask sheets which I've tried recently and I'm raving them. Among these, this would be ranked 2nd on my must-try list for facial sheet masks. You'll know why later!

Yep! It's LoveMore's Crystal &Peptide Enriched Kiss Series. The one I'll be reviewing today would be LoveMore's Rose Crystal and Tourmaline Moisturing Mask!

Here are my thoughts:
1. Felt rather soothing upon the rose scent of the mask, it's just right! On top of that, the scent could double up as a light aromatherapy session during the 'masking' time.

2. There's much essence left in the packet after taking the mask sheet out. The essence has a milky-white translucent liquid, slightly thinner than SexyLook's, common for whitening masks.

3. Mask stays firm on my face, does not droop while sitting upright. Probably it's with the help of earhooks on the sheet mask.

4. LoveMore's masks are much wider in diameter as compared to SexyLook's. Fabric used for LoveMore&SexyLook's sheet masks were different.

5. Pores became visably smaller just after 15 mins of usage, would have to 'repeat' for once a week to achieve better results. *Urgh, forgot to take pictures before and after:/

6. Not much lift-up effect seen after one usage, as compared to SexyLook's.

7. Would prefer SexyLook's over LoveMore for lift-up effect and thicker essence in mask sheet though the price difference is just a dollar! 

LoveMore Rose Crystal and Tourmaline Moisturing Mask (5pcs/box) is retailing at $9.90 at Watsons, Sasa, Guradian, etc. Secretive.sg is having a promotion at $8.90 per box! :D I'm gonna check out the new SexyLook's Black Cotton mask soon~ *squeals

That's all for today!~ xx Krystal

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